SPILVE is a national heritage. DEBOSCH is an exceptional party series. We DO care about the ambience of the party.

If you see someone breaking the rules, please report to the security. Following the rules allows us to continue raves in such a mind-blowing place as SPILVE is.


No chewing gum, candies or any kind of food or drinks are allowed. If the security check will find it, you will be banned from the party without ticket refund.

No stickers are allowed, please, don’t put it anywhere. We should leave the place in the same condition as it was before us.

The facecontrol keeps the right not to allow you to the party. In a case you hold the ticket it will be refunded.

We’re a part for all genders, all races, all sexualities and we expect our visitors to share our values. 

Please respect everyone’s right for privacy. Positivity and open mind is a clue to the unforgettable party time.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is allowed inside the building. It also helps to keep the entrance not so busy.

Card payments are accepted. Still we would kindly ask you to bring cash, it makes the line go faster, both the entrance and the bar.

WE RECYCLE. Please follow the notes on the trash cans.